Meet the Team

Siddrah (ClimbMuz Founder)

Siddrah was introduced to climbing in her early twenties by a friend. She quickly realised that she had a fear of falling spent many years trying to send a V0 and celebrates every small win!

She founded ClimbMuz in 2021 after being inspired and having lots of conversations with people about representation and how that impacts people accessing certain sports. This changed her perspective on how she viewed being a minority in the climbing world. Her aim is to create a safe space for Muslim women, ethnic minorities and POC to experience the wonderful world of climbing. To also highlight that the Muslim women are on a spectrum and that we are not all the same.

ClimbMuz has reached almost 300 predominantly Muslim women with consistent regular members turning up to each session and the impact that setting up ClimbMuz has had on the community has highlighted the importance of having this space.

Shareena (Community Support and ClimbMuz Facilitator)

Shareena is a corporate lawyer by day, and an amateur climber past 6pm, and the weekend. She first started attending ClimbMuz events in May 2022 after trying out a few other social climbing clubs around London. She has now become a regular face within the ClimbMuz community. 

Marisa (Community Support)

Amalia (Community Support)

Amalia decided to take climbing more seriously in April 2022 and she never turned back. Climbing is really the only indoor sport that she enjoys, thanks to the great community like ClimbMuz and other groups, the increasing number of climbing gyms across London, and the ever interesting climbing routes that keep on changing.

Amalia joined ClimbMuz in mid 2022, meeting like-minded climbers from diverse backgrounds.

Outside of climbing, she likes to hike, travel, cycle, and camp outdoors as much as possible.

Asma (ClimbMuz Facilitator)

Asma started climbing at University with the Rock-Climbing Society to overcome her fears of heights. Although it was a good first experience in climbing, she grew tired of not seeing someone relatable to her at the centres.

After a long break she discovered ClimbMuz in 2021 through a friend. Since joining ClimbMuz, Asma has become an active member and thoroughly enjoys the space the group creates for women to feel comfortable to try a great sport.